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Randi Rossman canine behavior expert


Randi Rossman, CBCC-KA, ACDBC

CEO and Behavior Executive

animal behavior expertise


Jennifer Phillips, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP

Behavior Manager

dog trainer


Kirsten Hansen, CPDT-KA

Dog Trainer

dog trainer bothell


Bethany Guinn, KPA-CTP

Dog Trainer

Wailani Sung MS, PhD, DVM, Dipl. ACVB

“. . . a passionate and gifted behavior consultant.  Randi’s obvious love for animals comes through in the quality of her work.”

Joleen Z. and Rocky


“CBS is awesome!  We rescued a boxer that had a history of male aggression issues and wasn’t socialized with other dogs.  They are so dedicated to helping achieve successful results.  We learned tons of valuable skills and have CBS to thank for showing us the way.”  

Martha F. and Libby

“Their behaviorist approach and many years of experience really helped me understand what to anticipate better and therefore respond in a more helpful way.  They are the real deal.”  

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