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We teach people to better understand and communicate with their beloved dogs through a humane, science-based framework.  

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Dog Behavior Experience

For the past 10 years, Canine Behavior Science has focused specifically on addressing behavior challenges that can make life with your dog difficult:  aggression, fear, anxiety, extra “exuberance,” and other issues.

Dogs Helped

Dogs With a Bite History

Reactive Dogs Helped

Dog Behavior Expertise

Working with behavioral issues such as fear, anxiety, and aggression requires a broader, more in-depth behavioral science and species-specific education than most trainers have.

Randi is certified as a behavior consultant from the IAABC and CCPDT.  Requirements included a minimum of 500 hours of working with behavior issues, case studies, and testing.

Additionally, Randi holds a masters’ certificate from the Florida Institute of Technology in Applied Behavior Analysis.



dog and person running

Dog Behavior Effectiveness

Experience and expertise doesn’t matter if we can’t put it together to make a difference in your lives with a reasonable amount of time and effort.

When dogs have behavioral issues, it can create a lot of stress and anguish in the household.  Our experience and philosophy allows us to marry expertise in the science of learning and behavior change with your goals and your dog’s unique learning history, genetic background and current environment.

The result is the most efficient, and humane behavior change interventions to make sure you and your dog can successfully live together.  And we measure and monitor success to make sure you are making appropriate progress.

What our clients say:

CBS is both passionate and gifted in working with dogs with problem behaviors and their humans. Their obvious love for animals comes through in the quality of their work

Wailani Sung, MS, PhD, DVM, Dipl. ACVB

Veterinarian Behaviorist

CBS provides well-vetted, scientific-based methods that are proven time and time again while being extremely humane and efficient.

Carol S. & Sabre

The knowledge and skills CBS teaches and demonstrates will provide you with what you need to become a more effective Human to your beloved family member.”

Teresa W. & The Pit Crew (Sadie, Sirius & Jaxon)

There’s so much that’s confusing in dog training and behavior, it just feels great to know that I have someone I trust in my corner, and that has my best interests at heart.

Helen S. & Molly

From the Blog:

Could You Be the Reason Your Dog is Behaving Badly?

Could You Be the Reason Your Dog is Behaving Badly?

Your dog is behaving badly.  Could you be the one encouraging it? How easy is it to reinforce your dog for behaviors you don’t want?  Soooooo easy.  Yesterday I reinforced my dog for demand barking to play. Why? He’s 11 and when he gets all puppy-like, it melts my heart. He barked, he did some […]

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Why Might a Dog Turn Aggressive to Another Dog at Home?

Why Might a Dog Turn Aggressive to Another Dog at Home?

Sometimes behavioral challenges can be at least partly based in medical issues. During sweet Tulsa’s assessment, Randi heard lots of warning flags that her aggression toward the other dog in the home could be at least partially based in pain. A trip to the vet with our accompanying observations confirmed that suspicion. Tulsa’s family was […]

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What if a Dog Barks When People Come in the Door?

What if a Dog Barks When People Come in the Door?

We are huge lovers of teaching “go to mat” to manage behaviors that are troublesome, safety risks, or just plain annoying. For example, for a dog who goes nuts when people come in the door. Ender used to respond to anyone coming in the house by turning into a little windup toy of barking. Everybody […]

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