Dog Behavior Products and Services

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Comprehensive behavior assessment, plan, and guidance.

dog behavior classes teacher in front of screen


Learn about how to help your dog in the convenience of your home.


On-demand and live 45 to 60 minute webinars on a variety of topics.

dog behavior memberships


Members-only content and programs, plus discounts (or free) other content.


Get your dog behavior questions answered on a Live Video Chat.

dog behavior online coaching


One-on-one video chat for trainers, vets, or savvy pet owners.

We know the deep and unconditional love for our dogs.  That doesn’t mean that certain behavior problems can be disruptive and upsetting.


We have developed a wide range of programs with a wide range of prices (starting with free!) to help people and their dogs live better together with humane and effective behavior advice and guidance.

Unsure about which options to choose?


We’re here to help.  Fill out this form and based on your answers, we’ll make a recommendation that will work for your needs, your budget, your dog’s behavior and your experience.


Dog Behavior Consulting

Dog Behavior Consulting delivers a comprehensive, guided approach to addressing your dog’s behavior goals.  It begins with a comprehensive assessment and progresses with ongoing online sessions for ultimate guidance.  

This approach works best for: 

  • dogs with moderate to severe behavior issues.
  • dogs who present a safety risk.
  • people who want a guided, comprehensive approach.
  • people with little to no experience working with dog behavior issues.  

Online Dog Behavior & Training Classes

Online Dog Behavior & Training classes provide comprehensive education around understanding your dog, preventing behavior problems, and training your dog.  Learn at your own speed and on your own schedule, with regular opportunities for online feedback and guidance.

We are currently offering three classes:

  • Puppy
  • New Adult Dog (Rescue)
  • On-Leash Reactivity

Dog Behavior Webinars

We offer webinars on a wide variety of topics.  Webinars present a 45 to 90 minute (depending on the topic) overview of dog behavior issues along with common approaches to addressing it.  Each webinar will be available on-demand with an accompanying booklet.  

While the webinars are created with dog-loving consumers in mind, they also offer a good introduction to behavioral topics for dog trainers and offer CEUs.  

Membership Programs

Welcome to the Dog House, where people with an ongoing interest in dogs and dog behavior can get ongoing content, advice, and guidance about dog behavior and training.

Members get discounts on classes and online coaching sessions, free webinars, a vote on the topics we cover, as well as small, intimate members-only online Livestreams where your questions can get answered.

Livestream Q&A


Join Randi every Saturday morning for a Livestream chat about dogs and dog behavior.  Each stream will have one or two general topics we’ll cover and you’ll have the ability to chat and discuss with Randi and the dog behavior community.  

Dog House members will have a vote on the topics covered.  

Dog Behavior Online Coaching

Are you working on training or behavior modification and seem to have hit a block?  Don’t worry, that can happen to just about anyone — even dog trainers!  Sometimes it can take someone with new eyes to give you the next steps.  

Online Behavior Coaching is an online session of 45 to 60 minutes that focuses on a specific topic or question.  Sending a video prior to the session will help us get down to figuring out solutions quickly.