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Continuous commitment to your goals with a customized and collaborative approach to meet your needs.  

Start your journey to a better life with your dog today.  

We know that one size does not fit all. While the science behind learning and lasting behavior change remains the same across all species, each dog has a unique learning history, genetic background, and current environment. And each dog’s human companion brings their unique background, goals, and needs to the table.

We work to learn the uniqueness of you and your dog. Then we apply the very best, most efficient, and most humane behavior change interventions to make sure you and your dog can successfully live together.


Schedule an assessment

Schedule an assessment, either in our Kirkland office or in your home.

  • In-home assessments are $350
  • In-office assessments are $285


Fill out our behavioral history form

Fill out the behavioral history form.

This form allows us to prepare effectively for your assessment so you get the most out of our time together when we meet for your appointment.


Attend the assessment

Assessments run 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

During the assessment, we will take a history, meet your pet, and listen to your behavior training goals. This will let us fully understand the dog’s behaviors and your needs based on your lifestyle and environment. Then we will formulate a personalized behavior plan.

We’ll also answer your questions and put a management plan in place for immediate relief.

We’ll then follow up with a behavior report and provide a summary of that report to your veterinarian to ensure that you receive the best, collaborative care for your pup.


Choose your program

We have developed three programs to allow our clients to work with us and their dogs in a way that best fits their time, budget, and interest.

Supported Do It Yourself.   

This program puts most of the work for training on your shoulders and is for those people either on a budget or who really enjoy learning about dog training.

We do two in-home sessions, create an online customized portal with detailed instructions to train your dog, and provide unlimited email support for six months.

Supported DIY fees run from $650 to $850, depending on the goals chosen.


This program provides more in-home support, with sessions every week or every other week.

You get the benefit of hands-on coaching along with individual time to discuss progress, ask questions, and get feedback in your own home.  You will still be doing the majority of the training.

Coaching fees run from $1,320 to $1,980, depending on the scope of your goals.


There is currently a two to three month wait list for Canine Behavior Science’s concierge service.  

This program provides two to three sessions a week in which we take on a heavier share of the training workload with lots of hand-holding and support.

Some of these sessions can be done while you are at work. You’ll see improvements faster because you have more focused support and a professional doing more of the training.

This program is perfect for people who are more interested in hanging out with their dogs than training, and/or have very busy schedules.

Concierge fees run from $2,310 to $3,630.



Start working!

Once you have chosen a program, you’ll work with your lead behavior consultant to schedule your sessions at times most convenient for you. 

Your sessions will be at your home at first.   As we progress through your behavior plan, we may meet at parks and around the city (or we will come and pick your dog up), depending on the goals we are working towards.

We track our training sessions and take data to continuously evaluate whether the plan we develop is working to meet your goals. 

We are always focused on whether the sessions are delivering value — if progress stalls, we stop to evaluate the factors that are underlying the problem before we continue again.

Not sure what to do next?  

No problem, just reach out to us to discuss.   Call, text, email, chat or fill out the form below.  We’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

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