Dog Behavior Consulting

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We love our dogs.  They are our hearts and our companions.  Sometimes, though, we don’t love their behavior.


Dog behavior challenges can hurt you, your relationships, and your family.


Our behavior consulting services are personalized, one-on-one sessions that will help you assess the situation, provide you with a roadmap for making progress, and, if you’d like, a guiding hand along your journey.

Dog Behavior Problems We Address

Problem Behaviors

Problem Prevention

We specialize in helping humans and their dogs live better together, regardless of the severity or type of behavior problem.  

Often behavior problems can be prevented (or severity mitigated) with the right training, commuication and understanding of dog behavior.  

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Doesn’t Listen
  • Barking
  • Resource Guarding
  • Aggression
  • Biting, nipping
  • Wild and unruly
  • Pulling
  • Jumping


  • Puppies
  • Rescue Dogs
  • Change in environment
  • New developmental stage in the dog’s life

Our approach to understanding your dog’s behavior is based on behavioral and biological science.


All of us are born with genetic factors that impact how we behave and interact with the environment.

Some are specific to the species:  That dogs dig and are scavengers.  That cats are predatory and climb.

Some are specific to a breed:  the herding of a border collie, the guarding of a Doberman pinscher, and the beagle that follows the smell.

And some are specific to the individual animal:  the tendency towards fear or anxiety, for example.


Previous Learning History

What a dog has learned will impact their behavior today. And many of us often reinforce the very behaviors we dislike!

Do you push away your dog when they jump on you? Your dog may think you’re playing.  

Do you mainly pay attention to your dog when they paw at you?  You gave your dog what they wanted.  


Current Environment

The environment you and your dog live in also makes an impact on their behavior.  The current environment includes:

  • the living situation
    • house, apartment, rural?
    • multiple people in the home? 
    • children in the home?

Other environmental factors that should play a large role in a behavior plan that someone creates for you and your dog is:  

  • the human’s time and resources
  • the human’s goals and needs

How Dog Behavior Consulting Works


Schedule an assessment


Fill out the behavior questionnaire


Attend the online assessment


Choose your program


Working and tracking

 Schedule an assessment 


  • Online assessments are $275.  You will get a:
    • 1 1/2 to 2-hour online consultation (a complete description of the session is described under the “Attend Session” tab).
    • comprehensive behavior and training plan, customized for your needs
    • summary of your behavior plan sent to your veterinarian or veterinary behaviorist
    • portal online
    • 20% discount on membership programs

Schedule Assessment

Fill out our behavioral history form


This form allows us to prepare effectively for your assessment so you get the most out of our time together when we meet for your appointment.

About My Dog

Attend the assessment

Assessments run 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

During the assessment, we will:

  • take a history,
  • virtually meet your pet, and
  • listen to your behavior training goals.

This will let us fully understand the dog’s behaviors and your needs based on your lifestyle and environment. Then we will formulate a personalized behavior plan.

We’ll also answer your questions and put a management plan in place for immediate relief.

We’ll then follow up with a behavior report and provide a summary of that report to your veterinarian to ensure that you receive the best, collaborative care for your pup.

Choose your program

We have developed three behavior consulting programs to allow our clients to work with us and their dogs in a way that best fits their time, budget, and interest.

In addition, many of our clients take the input and suggestions from the behavior plan and choose other forms of assistance, which you can learn more about on our SERVICES page.

Supported Do It Yourself  

This program puts most of the work for training on your shoulders and is for those people either on a budget or who really enjoy learning about dog training.

We do three virtual sessions, create an online customized portal with detailed instructions to train your dog, and provide unlimited email support for six months.

Supported DIY fees run from $650 to $850, depending on the goals chosen. The package includes online sessions, plus video reviews, email/texts, an online portal, and an annual Dog House Good Citizen membership.

Coaching Package 

This program provides more support, with sessions every week or every other week.

You get the benefit of systematic training skills coaching along with individual time to discuss progress, ask questions, and get feedback. You will get an online customized portal alongside regular, ongoing guidance.

Coaching fees run from $1,320 to $1,980, depending on the scope of your goals and the behavior challenge we’re addressing. The package includes online sessions, plus video reviews, email/texts, an online portal and an annual Dog House Good Citizen membership.

Guided Program

Randi coaches you during most of your training sessions with your dogs — either 3x or 5x a week.

This option is excellent for people who

(1) want accountability and/or

(2) want to make sure that you are getting the most value out of each training session because you have professional guidance with each training session.

Prices range from $2,125 to $3,500 for the package, depending on the number of times a week and length of the behavior program.  The package includes online sessions, plus video reviews, email/texts, an online portal, and an annual Dog House Good Citizen membership.

Start working!

Once you have chosen a program, you’ll work with your lead behavior consultant to schedule your online sessions at times most convenient for you.

We track our training sessions and take data to continuously evaluate whether the plan we develop is working to meet your goals.

We are always focused on whether the sessions are delivering value — if progress stalls, we stop to evaluate the factors that are underlying the problem before we continue again.

We went from being on the fence about keeping Chewie, to never being able to imagine our life without him. Your patience, flexibility, and support of our smallest of achievements helped keep me motivated..

Michelle E. & Chewy

We were in a bad place when we started.  I was actually considering rehoming him, but I’ve seen his progress in this short amount of time and I know Raylan is enjoying learning new things. I didn’t know you could get these results without our prong collar.

Sally G. & Raylan

Working with CBS, we learned better ways to help our reactive, wonderful dog. Their science-based and pragmatic approach and many years of experience really helped me understand what to anticipate better and therefore respond in a more helpful way.

Martha F. & Libby

I received spot-on advice for helping me be a better dog owner, with effective solutions to multiple behavior problems Riley had presented, all while maintaining a positive stance and team approach.  

Kay F. & Riley

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We’ll get back to you within 24 hours and look forward to helping you and your dog!

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