Virtual Behavior Coaching

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Are you working on training or behavior modification and seem to have hit a block? 

Don’t worry, that can happen to just about anyone — even dog trainers!  Sometimes it can take someone with new eyes to give you the next steps.  

Virtual coaching for pet owners - black lab and family

For Pet Owners

Sometimes we just want to chat one-on-one to brainstorm, get feedback whether we’re going in the right direction, or discuss the various information found online.

An online check-in can give you peace of mind regarding your dog’s behavior.

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For Dog Trainers

There’s nothing worse for a dog training professional to feel like they are in over their heads with a case.  STRESSFUL!  

Moving from training manners and classes to behavior consulting requires new skills, knowledge, and experiences.  A virtual consult can be a huge peace of mind when working on a particular case where things come up that you haven’t experienced before.  

shelter volunteer with kenneled dog

For Shelters

Determining if a dog can be successful in an adopted home is the essence of a shelter’s success or failure.  A virtual session can help determine the criteria for a dog’s behavior as well as the type of adopter that will be successful.  

Having worked with thousands of shelter dogs once they were in the home, Randi has some insight into creating successful behavior criteria for adoption and matches.  

dog at the vet clinic with their family

For Veterinary Professionals

Behavioral issues have a significant impact on a dog’s health and welfare, and veterinary professionals are often the first line for questions about dogs and dog behavior.

In addition to webinars created specifically for veterinary professionals, we can also provide a session with you surrounding behavioral concerns for your patients.  


How to schedule a virtual dog behavior consulting session

Schedule Appointment

Payment required upon booking.
30-minute coaching session: $100
60-minute coaching session: $175

To schedule a virtual coaching session, click the “Schedule Appointment” button on the left.  You will be taken to a scheduling page, which includes a form for you to complete, which will provide general information you would like discussed.

Based on that information, we may reach out for more documentation or information to ensure the most value for the time during our session.

Virtual coaching sessions include:

  • Review of the situation before the call.
  • Email summarizing the conversation after the call, with copies to other professionals upon request.