Meet the Team

Success with your dog will come down to the skills (both dog and people) of the trainers and behavior consultants.  We’re a group of fun animal lovers who are passionate about delivering the most humane, evidence-based training.  We are as passionate about helping people as we are about helping the dogs.  

Randi Rossman: CBCC-KA, ACDBC, CEO and Behavior Executive

Randi Rossman and her dog Stella

Randi supervises all training and behavior consulting.  She conducts all initial assessments and oversees the development of training and behavior plans.  She is focused on improving the lives of both the humans and the dogs, and her academic background and career not only includes animal training but also human behavior change.

Randi became interested in dog training and dog behavior modification with the adoption of her dog Ringo, who had a history of abuse and neglect.  She started Canine Behavior Science in 2014 to marry her business and animal training background to provide quality behavior services for people and their dogs.

  • Masters certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from Florida Institute of Technology
  • Certificate in Business Essentials from Harvard
  • Currently working towards certification in Organizational Behavior Management
  • Certified as a Behavior Consultant Canine by CCPDT
  • Certified as a Dog Behavior Consultant by IAABC
  • Admin for Fearful Dogs Facebook Group
  • Certified Fear Free Professional, Level 2
  • Authored ABA 101 for IAABC’s Principles and Practices Course
  • Animal training mentors include Jean Donaldson, Bob Bailey, and Parvene Farhoody

Jennifer Phillips: CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP, Dog Behavior Manager

Jennifer Phillips and her dog

Jennifer Phillips does our phone consults and manages behavior program development for Çanine Behavior Science.  She has worn many hats in the animal industry:  zookeeper, wildlife rehabber, trainer, docent, and educator.  After acquiring two dogs with reactivity and fear issues, she left her longtime career as a legal assistant and began an educational journey to become a professional animal trainer.  Her passion is educating owners about environmental enrichment,  training, and helping people develop deep and meaningful relationships with their animals.

Jennifer lives in Los Angeles with her two mixed breed dogs, two Green Aracaris, and three African Grey parrots.

  • Certificate in Applied Animal Behavior from University of Washington
  • Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner
  • Certified Canine Fitness Training from the University of Tennessee and FitPaws
  • Certified Fear Free Professional, Level 2
  • Animal training mentors include Susan Friedman, Bob Bailey, Parvene Farhoody, Steve Martin and Susan Garrett

Bethany Guinn: KPA-CTP, Dog Trainer 

Bethany Guinn and her dog
Bethany Guinn oversees Canine Behavior Science’s dog/baby/children and multi-dog household programs.

With a passion to work with animals, Bethany has experience at a zoo, animal shelter, groomer, vet, and dog daycare /boarding facility. Managing off-leash playgroups at the daycare provided invaluable experience learning about dog body language and sparked her interest in dog training. In 2013 she completed the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional program.   Learning the science behind dog training transformed her relationship with both her personal dogs and professional relationship in the dog industry.

  • BS in Animal Sciences from Washington State University
  • Specialization includes integrating children and dogs together
  • Expertise in dog-dog and multi-dog households
  • Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

Mary Crawford: Assistant Dog Trainer

Mary Crawford and her dog
Mary is a retiring physician who has always had a passion for dogs and has volunteered at the local animal shelter for over 5 years. She decided to take that passion into a new career.


Mary received her certificate in canine studies with the NW School of Canine Studies in 2017 and has completed two internships with local dog training organizations.  Her special interest is in canine behavior and working with people to better their lives and relationships with their canine companions.

  • Certificate in Canine Studies—Northwest School of Canine Studies
  • Certified Dog Walker—Dog Walking Academy
  • Certificate, Canine Nutrition—Academy of Natural HealthSciences
  • Certificate, Pet CPR & First Aid—Pet Tech
  • Supporting Member, IAABC

Eileen Anderson: Writer, Editor, and Content Strategist

Eileen Anderson and her dog Clara
Eileen is a popular dog writer whose work has been featured in the IAABC Journal, Barks from the Guild, Clean Run Agility Magazine, and on her own blogs, “Eileen and Dogs” and “Dog Dementia: Help and Support.” Her book on canine cognitive dysfunction won a 2016 Maxwell Award from the Dog Writers Association of America.

She maintains a lifelong passion for making technology accessible for underserved populations, and she specializes in translating difficult concepts into lay terms.

  • MM from San Francisco Conservatory of Music (harpsichord performance)
  • MS in Engineering Science from University of Arkansas at Little Rock
  • Certificate of Excellence from Dr. Susan Friedman’s professional course, Living and Learning with Animals
  • Received award, “The Academy Applauds” in 2015 from the Academy for Dog Trainers
  • Specializes in science-based sound recordings for dogs with sound phobia