Dog Lovers’ Survey:

Answer four questions about your dog

and you may win a SNUFFLE MAT!



Tell us the things you love and . . . .well, wish were a bit different . . . about your dog.


We are getting ready to create new free content for people who love dogs.  We want to focus on the things that most frustrate and confuse you.  Our goal is to create the best content, based on behavioral and animal science, to help you enjoy and live better together with your dog.

It will take only a few minutes to answer the four questions, which will qualify you to win a free snuffle mat.  Each month from September through February someone will win a snuffle mat.  There will be six winners total.  

We ask about city and state to ensure that we accommodate any local regulations.  You must live in the US to participate in the sweepstakes.

You can, however, still participate in the survey without entering the sweepstakes.  You will also have the opportunity to have you and/or your dog featured on our site if you wish.

Help us help you . . . and you may win a snuffle mat for your dog!

Dogs love using their nose and foraging for food with their snuffle mats.  It tires them out, keeps them mentally engaged . . . and you can relax while your loved companion sniffs and eats.


We often recommend using a snuffle mat to keep dogs engaged when guests are over when you need to focus on something while your dog wants your attention, and to just add a little enrichment into their lives.