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Class launches May 6.
So you’ve got a puppy!  Congratulations!

So cute.  So much work!  OMG, what is this puppy doing!!???!

Even those of us who have raised a number of puppies tend to forget how much work and effort goes into raising a puppy. This is even harder for the first-time puppy owner.  This course will give you an overview of the science behind puppy behavior, development, and the critical skills you’ll need to learn and you’ll need to teach your puppy to build a great life together.

Online Course: Understand and Raise Your Puppy to an Awesome Adult Dog

$ 19.95$ 149.95


All courses offer three options of increasing price with increasing participation so you can choose the approach that best balances your budget with your need for ongoing assistance. See table below.

Audit Plan

The audit version of the courses gives you unlimited access to all the course content.  You can start when you want and take as long as you need to get through the course material or use it as reference material.

This is perfect for the person who has some experience with training dogs and just needs some additional information, focus, and structure.

Community Plan

Made for people who are pretty good at following course directions but want to have the ability to ask questions specific to the course content in an online discussion forum.  You can get feedback from others who are progressing through the course and Randi Rossman and other behavior experts.

There are no time limits for participating in the community:  take as long as you need.

Participation Plan

For this plan, you can access the course content, the community PLUS attend up to two online webinars a week, and get feedback/coaching on one-minute video clips.

This is great for people who want to have guidance throughout the process.

This course is intended for:

People with puppies (or considering getting a puppy).  

Dog trainers who want to add puppy programs into their service offerings. (IAABC and CCPDT CEUs pending)

Veterinary professionals who want to be able to provide and answer behavioral questions for their puppy patients.  (RACE CEUs pending)

You will learn: 

  • the nature/nurture element of your puppy’s behavior.
  • preparing to bring home your puppy.
  • canine development stages and what that means for your puppy’s behavioral development.
  • recommended puppy “gear.”
  • what is normal behavior vs. potential problem behavior.
  • addressing puppy energy and enrichment.
  • how to address common puppy concerns, including puppy biting, socialization, and housebreaking.
  • the six key skills that will set you and your puppy up for success.
  • puppies and children.
  • the unintended consequences of some training techniques.
  • problem behavior prevention and red flags.
  • a week-by-week program overview from 8 weeks through 26 weeks.
Is there any value in taking this course if I’m also taking a puppy class?

It is likely complementary to most puppy classes.  This course looks at raising your puppy from a behavioral perspective and likely provides a different view and additional knowledge from most puppy classes.

Can this course replace attending a puppy class?

It depends.  Some people do best with the structure and accountability of attending a class.  Also, classes will provide you with some socialization opportunities.  This course will cover everything — plus more — than most puppy classes, but because it is online, it does not provide puppy play or other socialization opportunities.  We do, however, cover how to address those on your own.

Can I “sit-in” on a class?

Good for you for wanting to make sure this course will work for you!  We have a FREE How Dogs Learn course which will give you a good idea of how Canine Behavior Science’s online courses work.  You can also check out our YouTube Channel to view instructional style and approach to dog behavior.

If you’d like to see a “test” for the topic of this course specifically, contact us and we’ll get you access to one of the topics for your review.

When is the next start date and how many weeks is the course?

You can start the course as soon as you enroll!  There is no set start date.  And no expiration date, you. have indefinite access to the course content.  This means you can get started even before you get your puppy, and don’t have to wait for a next class session to start.

These courses are developed with best practices in behavior change, instructional design, online course design, and communications.

All courses provide:

  • Short (10 minutes or less) topic discussions and instruction so you can easily fit them into your schedule.
  • Workbooks and templates that support the course content and help you be more successful.
  • All content is presented both in video and written format to learn in the format that works best for you.
  • Understanding checks along the way to make sure what we teach is what you are actually learning.  These learning checks can be used for you to see what content you need to re-review.  Canine Behavior Science also reviews what content is being misunderstood often so we can improve the content continuously.
  • No time limits.  We know that life gets in the way, and sometimes we can work with our dogs more than others.  No problem.  Take as long as you need.
  • Ongoing updates.  As we continue to develop our thinking, tools, workbooks, and templates around various topics, the coursework will be updated.  We also regularly review analytics and feedback to improve the clarity of the course content and therefore, will provide improvement updates.  All enrollees will receive email notifications of such updates.

Randi Rossman canine behavior expert with black dog stellaAll classes are developed and designed by Randi Rossman, who has graduate-level academic certification in:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis from Florida Institute of Technology,
  • Online Instructional Design from Duke University.

Additionally, Randi’s “previous life” involved developing educational programs for corporations, including employee training, sales training, and curriculums for children and adults on science and general consumer topics.

You can find out more about Randi’s expertise in dog behavior on our ABOUT page.