Pit bulls Sadie, Sirius and Jaxon

“It has been my experience that if you want to teach an older dog, or young dog, new tricks (behaviors) the positive reinforcement method that Randi teaches and demonstrates is the only way to go.  You the handler will receive the training you need to become a more effective Human to your beloved family member.”

Teresa and The Pit Crew, Sadie, Sirius and Jaxon

happy brown dog
“Our rescue pup is reactive.  Not just dog-reactive.  If he’s on a leash, and it’s bigger than a cat, and isn’t a tree, he’s probably barking and pulling to get at it.

As a first-time adult dog owner, whom you trust with nurturing your relationship with your pup is critical.  After watching hours of youtube self-help type guides, I had an idea of what to look for in a trainer, and Randi certainly fit the bill.

Randi helped us fine-tune our technique with some of the exercises we’d come across online, helping to explain which ones were appropriate for our pup’s particular needs, and which ones might be better for when he’d had more practice, and had us start others to target his specific aspects of reactivity.

There is no doubt in my mind that Randi (and the Boisterous Bowser class she teaches for reactive dogs) played a large part in our pup allowing himself to calm down more easily when faced with the many exciting, frustrating, and scary things that a rescue dog comes across on even a 10-minute walk.

We’ve got a long way to go before he’ll be accompanying us to street fairs and panting along on hikes, but with Randi’s help, I’m sure we’ll get there!”

Nathan and Huxley

white dog
”Randi knows her stuff! She is always taking classes to better her knowledge of dogs, dog training, and behavior. She brings that knowledge into the classroom and you can tell. Her methods are well vetted scientific based and proven time and time again, while being extremely humane and efficient. We can’t get enough of her classes!”

Carol S. & Sabre

white dog with soft fur
Randi is a dedicated and passionate Trainer. I have taken Riley through her classes and had her for private home visits. She is able to provide spot on advice for helping me be a better dog owner as well as creative in her training tips. She has effective solutions to any problem Riley has presented all while maintaining a positive stance with her training methods. I recommend her highly, you will be receiving the best training and with a team approach.”

Kay F. & Riley

brown dog

“We really enjoyed working with Randi as she helped us a great deal in learning better ways to help with our wonderful dog.

Randi’s behavioralist approach and many years of experience really helped me understand what to anticipate better and therefore respond in a more helpful way.

Randi is the real deal and I highly recommend her!”

Martha F. and Libby

brown and white dog lying on his side on bed
“Randi is awesome! We rescued a boxer that had a history of male aggression issues and wasn’t socialized with other dogs and she is so dedicated to helping achieve successful results. She does visits with owners or without so we had several sessions with Randi to learn the skills she had taught him during the week when we had her working with him.

We learned tons of valuable skills to deal with our highly reactive rescue pup and have Randi to thank for showing us the way.”

Joleen Z. and Rocky

white dog with black muzzle

“Wow, wait until you hear this!  Minnie started barking at some noise outside and I immediately did Minnie here and she came right to me and stopped barking. Got a treat of course.

Then, this morning, the garbage truck was still ahead of us and noisy and she could have cared less.  The noise didn’t bother her.

And a neighbor was out and she could care less about him either (she usually starts to bark).

I am putting little containers of treats in all the rooms of my house so I can use these techniques and I already feel like it’s working perfectly.


Tamara B. and Minnie

large gray dog lying on his back on a bed
“I’m enjoying Raylan’s company more.  We were in a bad place when we started.  I was actually considering rehoming him, but I’ve seen his progress in this short amount of time and I know Raylan is enjoying learning new things and having interesting days.

There are more happy dances and less ‘incidents’”

Sally G. and Raylan

black and white dog
“My husband was ready to move out of the house because my dog was crazy barking and lunging all the time. It was insane.

I was shocked that within 5 minutes, Randi had Molly sitting quietly at her feet. It didn’t seem like she was doing anything but giving them treats, but she was actually teaching them that it was a good thing for her to sit quietly.

She also told us about food toys and puzzles, which made such a huge difference in how she behaved.

I liked her a lot, she was always helpful, answered emails with good information and advice. She also seemed to have a great network of people to brainstorm with — which was great, it was like getting the best minds all working together to help me and my dog.

There’s so much that’s confusing in dog training, it just feels great to know that I have someone I trust in my corner, and that has my best interests at heart. I’ve taken a number of dog training classes around the city, and had one other trainer I did private sessions with, and nothing has come close to the type of help Randi provided.”

Helen S. and Molly