About Canine Behavior Science

“Every time I help a dog learn positive and socially acceptable ways to deal with the things that scare or upset them—and their human how to better understand and communicate with their beloved dogs . . . what can I say? It feels awesome.”

Randi Rossman


Ringo and Stella, Randi’s dogs


Canine Behavior Science uses evidence-based best practices and science to help you build the best relationship with your dog and address any behavioral problems in the most efficient, humane way.

The Art, Science, and Love of the Family Dog

Our relationships with our dogs are wonderful and complicated. Our dogs are fabulously unique, as are our individual relationships with them.  We believe that you both deserve the best:  a systematic, scientifically proven approach to training and addressing behavioral challenges. We offer:

  • A scientifically valid framework for systematic evaluation and development of plans, not generic protocols that may not work for your dog or your situation.
  • Small class sizes so you and your dog can get the individualized attention you need to address your goals.
  • Individualized plans that meet the needs of you and your dog
  • Trainers who are as committed to educating people as they are to training dogs.
  • A commitment to raising the level of education in the community through seminars, hosted events, and webinars.
  • Relationships with veterinary behaviorists and veterinarians for a best-practice team approach to help your dog, if needed.
  • An international network of colleagues who are available to consult and brainstorm on difficult cases.

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